Roon doesn't see Auralic internal drive

Hello all. Apologies for what is probably a silly or obvious question but I am visually impaired and can’t navigate the Roon RAQs and knowledge base easily, so am electing just to ask the question.

I have just started using Roon on my iMac, having just purchased an Auralic Aries G2, which is on the same wifi network. Roon on the iMac sees the Aries and will quite happily stream music both from Qobuz and from the modest collection of music files on the iMac. However Roon has not detected the internal SSD on the Aries, which contains over a terabyte of my own music, stored there for safekeeping (and because the iMac memory isn’t big enough).

When I go into the storage settings on Roon it shows only the music library on the iMac. How can I persuade Roon to see what is on the Aries internal SSD?
Many thanks in advance

Advice on where to put the storage, not in the G2…

Okay, thanks for that (and for the fast reply). I guess I Will have to continue using the Auralic app for my legacy music, and Roon for streaming. A bit cumbersome, but doable. The SQ from the Aries G2 is sufficiently good to make the effort

You could probably have the ssd removed from the auralic and put it an external enclosure attached to the Mac. I say probably because I don’t know the formatting of the internal auralic disk.

That is what I have done with my G2. I have an external drive attached to the NUC. The G2 is great, but I personally do not wish to use the Lightning app.

My Roon core windows 10 with 2TB SSD, I have about 1.4TB french music there.I have Auralic Altair and Teac NT505, I use Lightning app and Lumin app for stream library from windows 10. I have 6TB HDD DSD and Flac attached USB 3 to my router, I use Roon for Tidal, Qobuz and 6TB. Roon see both of library but I use Roon for 6TB. Never have any problem.

I’m not positive but I think you may be able to set the g2 in dlna server mode and add the dlna server as a source to roon. I’m not sure what that would do to sound quality either if it were possible.

You cannot do this. Roon will not pick up a DNLA share. It looks for an SMB share and I suspect this is what the Auralic device cannot do.

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Thanks all for your replies (which are now getting a little bit above my head!). It looks like I shall just have to stick with the lightning app and Roon where possible. It’s a bit disappointing that neither of those apps have the usability that I had when using Audirvana but hey ho. At least the music sounds good

Alternatively, buy an external USB drive, copy the music to it, plug it into the Roon Mac, and forget about the Auralic internal drive.
It is a common phenomenon, we buy some technology that is excellent but closed, that doesn’t fit with the new world. I had spent a fortune on Meridian Sooloos gear, the precursor of Roon, built by the same team, none of that has any value today.
SSD: $113
Spinning disk: $45

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