Roon doesn't see external drive on mini m1

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got a new m1 Roon doesn’t see my external drive but my mini does.

Hi @colin_brophy,

Let’s see what I can do to help here.

I’m sorry if this is too basic but I have to be sure the basics are covered. The old Mac would have the music storage locations mapped already. Have you tried adding it to the new M1 in the area pictured below? (Settings>Storage)

If Roon can’t see the external drive, it’s likely an issue with the M1 recognizing it. Roon is essentially opening a finder instance when you click “add folder” and only browses what the M1 sees.

Let me know if the issue is still present after my advice please!


What is the format of the external drive?

It’s formatted Ntfs.

I downloaded the Paragon ntfs software and all is good for now.

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That is the current recommended solution by Roon! Let’s hope they fix the problem soon…