Roon doesn't see external storage on M1 Mac mini

I just got an M1 Mac mini. I was previously using an Intel mini as my Roon Server. I installed RoonServer and Roon on the new M1, then connected my drives and loaded my last backup from the intel machine.

After finishing the restore, Roon doesn’t see any storage locations and no external hard drives are visible in the app. I’ve removed and added Roon back to full disk access in Security/Privacy settings, rebooted, but there’s just no external storage displaying in the app.

Anyone else experienced this and find a work around? It’s basically the same issue as the Catalina Fall '19 bug that bit Mac users.

You only need to install one of these … Roon Server has no graphical interface. Roon can be Core and Control. Since you’ve changed devices you will need to recreate the storage locations since they map differently on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Go to Settings > Storage and add the media (local or network drives.)

How are you connection the M1 to your system?

I just found there to be audible differences and bit perfect improvements with roon over rooncore/roonbridge.

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