Roon doesn't see hardwired Bluesound equipment

That’s great Rudy, but, Ivan, i think I started this chain and my wired units are still unrecognized… What should I do? M

Hallo Martin,
sorry, but I cannot really help you.
I switched my NAD off ant then I could see it again in Roon.
Today, the problem was here again. I did the same and it runs again.

But ist not a good solution, i find …


Hi @Martin_Nance,

What is the model of the switch that is used here? Is it a managed switch?

Its a D-Link DGS-1100-05 smart switch

Hi @Martin_Nance,

Managed Switches like that typically require some additional configuration in order to work with Roon properly, as noted in our networking guide. Can you try connecting your Core directly to the router instead and see if there is any change?


Thanks, that’s not possible as a workaorund. I need the switch. But what I don’t understand is Bluesound sees (and can control evrything) and Roon sees my Vault II (ethernet) and my wireless equipment. Anyway I will try to configure he switch and let you know.

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Roon now sees devices connected to my PC (the core, one of which is via a wireless dac) and it plays easily through those; it sees as networked my bluesound equipment Node2i, powernode 2i and my vault. and shows as airplay my soundbar + Living room (shd play though my amp to my speakers) but doesn’t see my NAD amp with bluesound module. However, when I try to play networked equipment, it shows it as playing (sound bar icon is moving but no sound. PC is connected to network (wired as are the other networked devisces but I have a switch between my PC and the ethernet cable to my router. Roon seems to have knocked out my ability to control blusound on my pc so now I have to use my iphone . What’s the problem ? If its the fact that I have a switch, please can you send me settings to fix the switch Thanks

Hi @Martin_Nance,

Please verify the following:

  • Does this occur with every networked endpoint?
  • Does this occur with all content (local, TIDAL, Qobuz)

Can you elaborate on the above?

  • Are you still using a D-Link DGS-1100-05 switch here?
  • Are you able to see the Bluesound devices from the PC using the BlusOS controller app outside of Roon?
  • When you say you have to use your iPhone, are you using Roon remote from the iPhone or the BluOS app?

Switch is unchanged.
BlueOS controller on my PC won’t open up: just a black screen with logo and usual message (24-Bit Hi-Res etc).
Phone has trouble connecting to Core, so I use BluOS app.

Hi @Martin_Nance,

Does this occur with other endpoints?

Based on this information it sounds like there is some networking trouble at play here that may be the root cause of what you’re seeing.

Can you try bypassing the switch and connect the Core directly to the main router? When doing so is there any change?

Hi, you asked me to do this a while ago and I can’t disconnect the switch without all sorts of repercussions. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you

Hi @Martin_Nance,

Just to recap:

  • Bluesound devices aren’t playing properly over the network
  • BluOS Control app on PC doesn’t work properly
  • Remote devices aren’t connecting to the Core

Based on the above info, it definitely sounds like there are networking issues at play as mentioned above. Using a simple configuration, meaning bypassing the switch and having all devices connected via Ethernet directly to the router, is typically the best option for understanding where the issues are coming from. If things were to work in that configuration, we know that there is something about the switch causing the issue. If things didn’t work, it may be the router we need to look into.

Managed switches often require some advanced setup, as noted in our Networking Guide, and so it may be possible to adjust the settings on the switch to try to get things working. It’s hard to say for sure if the switch is the problem, but there is definitely something about the networking setup that is interfering with the ability to connect and play content.