Roon doesn't see my Chord Electronics Hugo TT2

Sorry for the potentially noob question, as I’m new to Roon and still getting use to it.
Everything sounds just fine, but I would like to know if this is normal, I don’t see the TT2 in my signal path in Roon which is connected to a Bluesound Node 2 via SPDIF.

I know Hugo TT2 is not yet a Roon ready DAC, so maybe that’s the problem. I’m also thinking the Spdif connection and the Node might be the problem.

Thank you for any help

Since SPDIF delivers a one way music data stream only, there is no way Roon could possibly know what’s connected.

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As @Marin_Weigel says, this is to be expected. You’ll only see the Node 2 in Roon, so it’s a good idea to check the settings work correctly for the TT2. In my case, I use an Allo DigiOne with a Chord 2Qute, and changed a couple of settings, e.g., DSD playback, MQA capabilities, and volume control.

I see, thank you guys.

To do what you say I understand I should connect the TT2 via USB, right?

No, that’s not necessary, but you can use USB if you wish.

I always get these Nodes confused…

If you have the 2021 Node, this will do USB out. The older models do not.

There are 3 ways to connect your Node 2 to Hugo TT2.
You can connect via S/PDIF as you currently have.
You can connect via Toslink.
Or you should be able to connect via USB.
Since TT2 cannot tell the Node 2 that they’re connected via S/PDIF and Toslink, that’s why Roon would not display that your Node 2 is connected to the TT2.
But if you connect Node 2 via USB to TT2, your Roon should display TT2.

That said, the optimal sound out of the TT2 though is probably via the Toslink connection. And if your Node 2 is close enough to the TT2, you should be able to use the Toslink cable that comes with the TT2 to make the connection. This is a weird quirk of Chord DACs. They’re so transparent and jitter immune that Toslink sounds better as there is no chance of some tiny electrical noise leaking into the TT2 from the Node 2 worsening the sound. However, some users prefer the sound via S/PDIF or USB. So your mileage will vary.

The other thing to watch out for is that I believe you can control the volume of your music via Roon/Bluesound Node 2 or TT2. But TT2 would sound best if it is getting bit-perfect data and using the TT2 digital volume control. So you should leave your Roon/Bluesound Node 2 volume fixed at maximum and use the TT2 volume control.

I had the exact same issue recently. I would try a new USB cable. Many USB cables are for charging only and won’t allow your Nucleus to identify your DAC. Changing cables solved my issue, hopefully it will solve yours too. :grinning: