Roon doesn't see my music collection today

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Win 10 PC

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Description Of Issue
How can I force Roon to see my “H” drive?

All of my stored music files are on my H drive. Roon has worked properly for a long time. Today it doesn’t see the H drive. So, no music.

The Windows 10 file system clearly shows the H drive and all of the music files. Any ideas?

Thank you, Rob

Hey Rob,

Can you post a screenshot of your Settings > Storage window?

Cheers, Greg

Sorry, I have bigger problems - Other apps won’t start, need to fix everything

Hello @Robert_Imhoff, when you have time for this issue please let us know so we can help! I would recommend what Greg was saying and provide a screenshot of your storage in Roon. You can learn more about getting screenshots here.

Thanks Greg and nuwriy, After countless SFC /scannow procedures, my computer, and Roon are now working fine. I still have no idea of what caused it.

Glad to know things are working again! Let us know if you need help with further issues.

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