Roon doesn't see one track of Disc [Resolved]

Ripped a CD. It has 15 tracks, but only 14 are recognized. Track number 12 just doesn’t appear.
I’ve done rescan album. Didn’t help.
I’ve ripped the track again. And ripped it to different formats. Didn’t help.
I’ve also converted the track to different formats. Didn’t help.
The track is read and played back by other programs like Foobar and JRiver.
Any ideas?

I’d start with the causes listed in this article.

If you’re still stuck, can you send us a Dropbox link (or similar) to the missing file?

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okay, I ripped the track again, from a different copy of the DVD.
It’s track number 12 flac in the Public folder at this link:

there are 2 copies of the file, with different names
Roon refuses to see either one. It sees the rest of the album that was ripped the same way.

Both copies suddenly appeared today, indexed into Roon. I did nothing. They just suddenly appeared in the “overview” page. This was after repeated attempts to do everything I could think of to get Roon to index them.