Roon doesn't see PS Audio Sprout

I purchased a new Sprout 100 and it doesn’t shop up on the Roon Zones menu when I plug it in to my Mac Mini music server via USB and set the Sprout on Digital input thus I can’t use the DAC on the Sprout to play ROON. My MHDT DAC and my Google Chromecast show up on the Zones menu and function properly. I can also get iTunes to play through the Sprouts DAC with no problems. What am I missing?

Oops. It doesn’t show up. Not “shop” up.

A suggestion: in the future, if you mistype something in your original post, you can simply edit it, thus avoiding a second post to correct it. :wink:

Have you setup the dac to be used within Roon Settings/Audio?

That did it. I didn’t remember needing to do that with my other DAC. Thanks.

Common mistake :slight_smile:
Glad the fix worked.