Roon Doesn't See Renderer

I’m using bridged connections in Linux, the Core server is connected to the LAN and the renderer is connected to the server. Roon doesn’t consistently see the renderer. This config was working fine with my previous renderer, but it has only worked with my new renderer a few times, and then only after some restarts. Any ideas?

Hi @Darryl_Roberson,

Can you please provide some more information here? Which version of Linux are you using? What renderer do you have? Is your renderer firmware up to date? What is your network setup like, does it meet our Networking Best Practices?


Hi Noris,

I have things stabilized now after I restarted my router, but I have an unanswered question in connection with this from a few weeks ago. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04.1 with the MSB Renderer, but my question pertains to the Ubuntu bridge and RAAT (and perhaps lower level protocols). Would you please address the following question to your Linux experts?

My Ubuntu server (with Roon Core) has a dual Ethernet (JCAT Net) card, both slaved to a bridge in Ubuntu, with one slaved connection to the LAN and the other to the renderer. In theory this configuration provides a direct Ethernet connection between Core and renderer, the sonic benefits of which are well documented on I created the bridge with nm-connection-editor in Ubuntu, taking the defaults. Question:

Will RAAT in fact route directly from Core to renderer over the slaved connection? I’ve asked this 3 times on Ask Ubuntu with no responses. I suspect few can answer this with certainty. Linux documentation states bridges function at Layer 2, and therefore I believe should take the shortest path to target IP, but I’m not certain. I will say that track starts and rate switches are super fast, but my files are decompressed and the MSB is a superlative machine.

Thanks for the help.

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