Roon doesn't seem to be able to access files I imported using iTunes

I am not sure I have Roon setup properly… it seems to be only showing songs from Tidal… and Roon imported files…

I ripped a large part of my CD collecton (Wava files)… but I don’t see them searching in Roon…

I wish I could upload screenshots… maybe I didn’t point it to the right iTunes library file.

Hey @miyagi1218 – sorry for the trouble here. Can you let me know a little more information, specifically the information here about your setup?

Also, can you let me know how your iTunes library is configured – is it stored in the default location or somewhere custom? At the moment, we only support the default location.

Let me know the details of your setup, and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!

Thanks Mike… Apple helped my straighten out my library… it works now.

My next question is this…

I plan on connecting a drive loaded with my DSD files… will Roon be able to play those and what would I have to do to get Roon to recognize them?



It will recognise them, and they ought to play just fine.

You might want to look in your settings to make sure they’re being treated properly for your set up.

I am kinda frustrated here… for a $400+ lifetime membership, I would really like it if there were more options for setup support…

People are making suggestions, but it’s another language to me…

I would love a step by step to figure out my problem… I am sure it would be much quicker by phone, but that doesn’t seem possible.

From scratch here is my situation

I have a mac book pro
An external hard drive with my ripped wav music files…
a Tidal account

I have no idea what it means to direct to itunes library or how that differs from the music folder which I am importing all of my wav files to…
I intend on doing all of my listening through a pretty high end system…

My computer will always be attached to my audio system

I just want to make sure Roon and Tidal see all of my files… it seems my music is in the wrong place or at least I am not directing it properly to look in the appropriate place…

There is a video on youtube which suggests putting a folder on your desktop and somehow that will get Roon to recognize new files added, instantly…

I have no idea how to fix the problem of not seeing all of my music…

Everyone else here seems light years ahead of me… if I can get this right I fully intend to buy the lifetime membership.

Is there phone support? Or someone that thinks they can help me with baby steps?


Hi @miyagi1218. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard.

I’ve got a similar system as you. I have an external hard drive attached via usb to my iMac. In my case, all my music is in one folder on the drive. You need to point Roon to it. Here’s mine:

It’s under Settings on the upper left and then select Storage. With mine, I’ve disabled iTunes and the Organized folder. What you need to do is click +Add Folder beside the Watched Folder. Then you need to navigate to the external hard drive (whatever you named it) and to where the music is stored. My external drive is called Roon Music and the directory on it is called Music and then Artists (see image above).

Once you select it, you should be good to go and Roon will import your music.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks I got it to work after reading your email…

I had tried that but there was a glitch in the software… when I clicked to set a new path… after I would set the path, it would take me back to the setting screens… which would be flashing and no path was in the box… this time even though it was flashing I clicked inside the box and the characters appeared in the path box… then it loaded… all seems fine…


Much appreaciated

have you ever had a problem with scrambled or garbled text by the software?

Sounds like low graphics memory. I don’t really know anything about that.

See here: Garbled & missing fonts

You may want to ask in this thread.

Cheers, Greg