Roon doesn't seem to be finding newly added files

Roon Core Machine

Linux 4.1.180+, Version 2.0(build 1154) running on a Synology DS920+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritzbox 7530, the Synology is hardwired to the Fritzbox. My playback devices are connected to the Fritz over wifi.

Description of Issue

Roon doesn’t seem to be finding new files. This possibly seemed to be true for a while. I’m new to Roon, so I’m not sure if it’s occasionally checking for new files, but it seemed like I typically had to force a rescan to get it to recognize music if I had just added it to the file system. Although now, even force rescan doesn’t seem to find new files. I checked that there is nothing in my skipped files list.

I do see that it’s ‘watching for new files in real time’. Any ideas what might be happening here?

I’ve uploaded logs.

Rebooting the server seemed to kick off it finding new files. But… I think there was still an issue.

Hello? I’m still seeing this occasionally. When adding files, I see the show up in Roon sometimes. I’ve noticed that background analysis seems to get stuck and not make progress for days at a time. And the last couple of times I tried to do force a rescan it also gets stuck.

Logs found here:

One theory I have is that Roon is tripping on some hidden files from the Synology. But what’s weird is that if I navigate to this folder I don’t see this @eaDir directory, even when in the terminal and using ls -la. I tried to delete this whole parent folder for the album, but its absence is not reflected in this skipped files screen, even if I refresh it. Is there a way to have it rescan and review the skipped files?

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