Roon doesn't seem to pick up all versions of the same track

For example, I’ve got Mosaic’s The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Larry Young which includes Grant Green’s Street of Dreams in its entirety - which I also have. Out of 4 tracks, it only finds 2 in common.

Same with Grand Green’s I want to Hold your hand - here 4 out of 6 are identified.

Any idea why this is so? What should I be looking for in the metadata to get Roon to identify the tracks as being the same?

It’s a little complicated, but a common normalized track title and a common composer are pre-requisites for “composition munging” in the Cloud.

In the Roon core, we also perform munging if we have more information than we did in the Cloud; for example, your track tags have composer information and/or you have added a composer via a Roon edit.

“Munging” is an official term by the way. :slight_smile:

There is also a bug, meaning that some works mysteriously don’t get attached to their composers.

If I add composers, it generally works well.

Chris, not very helpful. Yes of course it works “generally” very well. But there is an intermittent problem which I have reported some time ago and which causes the whole thing overall not to work as designed.

I hit Roon very hard with heavy, high level usage, and make serious demands of it, which is why I find this kind of problem disruptive…

Just my experience and not designed to be unhelpful in any way.

Fair enough! Lucky you not to have been troubled by the problem! :slight_smile:

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