Roon doesn't seem to see date tags unless the date is complete

I spend a lot of time tagging & it’s an ongoing bugbear that Roon tells me it’s using the file data when it isn’t.

Firstly, I’m still having the issue with Roon analysing files. Like F O R E V E R…!!!

It’s been like this for two hours, now:
Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 12.14.13

Now then, I don’t mind if Roon is analysing in the background. When I have it set to 1 Core, it doesn’t tie up other resources, so I don’t really notice.

My only concern is that while it’s doing that, it’s not really free to register some of the other changes I’m making to files.

Perhaps someone could tell me if that’s the case?

As a result, I tend to want to wait until it’s finished analysing before I tell it something else.

Right now, the specific issue is this:

I have my settings set to “original release date”. That way, all versions of an album will file by the date the album first came out & I can then order the versions by a second “release date”.

As you can see here, Roon is seeing the same date for the “original release date” & the “release date”:

In my file tags, however, the “original release date” is the one that Roon is seeing:

Whilst the “release date” is ignored:

I have a sneaky suspicion that Roon is just not very good at recognising dates unless they are full dates.

Firstly: Of course, I could just add a 01 in to make it into a full date format, but I don’t know the day & am loath to make one up.

Secondly: I could (& will probably have to) go into Roon’s settings & type the desired date into the available box. But I shouldn’t have to.

First world problems, of course, but why is it that Roon just refuses to see meta-tags on the odd occasion (maybe one in 50 albums) where I then have to dick about, adding, removing, clearing caches, restarting, etc. etc. when the information is right there is the same place it is for all the other albums where Roon saw it straight away?

Is it just that Roon is too busy analysing to look up?

Is it that it’s an incomplete date?

Is it something else?

Find out in this week’s episode of Soap.

Because it is the only (valid) date given, so Roon assumes they are the same, I guess.

No, you left the corresponding release date undefined. Why are they called time b.t.w.?

And the data you provided for release year is invalid (not a year).


You can try and put your “release date” that’s not quite a date into the release date field and see what Roon makes out of it. I don’t know if it handles the incomplete date string there, but am pretty sure that you can’t use the Year tags (at least for FLAC there is also one for the original year of release) for anything else than a plain, simple year.

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I don’t know why it says “time”. That’s just what it says in Yate.

I do know that for the vast majority of albums, it’s where Roon sees it correctly.

If, however, my guess was correct & Roon is not seeing it because it’s not a full date, then that would make sense.

I mean, 99 times out of 100, it sees it even if it isn’t a full date, but there’s always that occasional time.

Hi Snowdog I don’t know about the date issue, but I have had the never completing analysis a couple of times recently and had to stop it running and restart before the albums appears (both since V2 was released).

When adding the updated and expanded version of Panda Bear and Sonic Boom album Reset (24 bit and 16 bit) it got stuck and while the 16bit version imported perfectly it made a complete hash importing the same metadata for the 24 bit version and I ended up manually changing all the track’s to get them working.