Roon doesn't show the latest Tidal albums


I play a lot through Tidal in Roon and have the Tidal app on my iPhone. There shows the latest albums, for example the new Alice Boman, released 17-1-2020. I even add it to my albums, but it doesn show in Roon. Other albums in Tidal, which are released earlier, which I add DO show in Roon.

So it seems like Roon can’t show the latest albums which are available in Tidal. Bluesound (which I also have) does show these new albums, so somehow it must be a Roon thing, but how?

Hi @brt,

Roon has to ingest the updated catalog from Tidal servers, which means there is some latency before the new releases are available on Roon.

It used to be days but now 24-48 hours is typical.
If something specific is not shown after that time … something may be wrong and it’s worth letting Roon support guys know.

Hi @Carl, thanks for your reply.

The thing is some new Tidal albums are shown, and some not. They have the same release date. So for instance the new Bill Fay album shows in Tidal and Roon but not the Alice Boman album, which only show in Tidal (and Bluesound)…

Even if they don’t show on the “new” screen in Roon once you see them in Tidal you can use the search button to find and play them. I have been doing that for years. Not every new album shows up under the “new” section.

Hi @Still-One, sorry but of course I tried so but that’s exactly my point. I see the albums in Tidal, but I don’t see them in Roon, even if I’ve added them in Tidal

Maybe I should wait for 48 hours (already waited for 24) like @Carl writes, but not for ALL new albums I’ve added in Tidal, the new Bill Fay for instance…

Sorry let me clarify. One alternative is if you see something in Tidal but do not “see” it listed under new in Roon, just use Roon’s search function for Tidal. If the album is in Tidal then Roon’s search function will find it. You can then use the “add to library” button to add it. You do not have to add it first within Tidal.

Hi @brt,

As mentioned above and in our KB, there can be a delay between when an album releases and when it’s available in Roon.

Currently, I’m seeing the Dream On album by Alice Boman that you mentioned above in Roon, so it should be available to you soon if it’s not already.

Thanks Dylan. Still it’s strange the Bill Fay record for instance does show up, and Alice Boman, The Innocense Mission and Roosbeef still don’t. They all have the same release date (17-1).

I guess I will have to wait some more then.

Thanks, I understand and I knew that but if Roon doens’t know the TIDAL album (yet) then Roon can’t find it. I also tried that already.

Hi @brt,

I confirmed with the team that there were some additional issues recently that was playing into this which has since been resolved. These issues resulted in a longer delay than typical, but you should see these albums in Roon soon if you aren’t already.

Thanks Dylan, they’re visible now!

Your issue is something I have never encountered.

Every Friday morning I compare what’s “new” under Tidal in Roon to “suggested new albums” in my Tidal app. As everyone has indicated it takes some time for Roon to populate the new albums. That said I have never had a issue performing a search of Tidal from Roon for that new album that is showing in the Tidal app but not yet in listed as "new in Roon. They are always located and I can play the music even before it shows up as “new”. Not sure why we end up with different results.

Then you’re lucky I guess :slight_smile:
I have that problem quite often. It’s extra annoying since my Bluesound speaker sees the latest Tidal albums immediately. But apparently Roon needs some time. Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes a day, and now was the longest time.

The weird thing I still don’t understand is why some new albums show and some not, while they have the same release date in Tidal.

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