Roon doesn't shut off when I shut the program down. Also volume turns up by itself

Roon Server Machine

Windows 11
Also using a surface pro notebook as a remote control.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Lumen D-2 streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon doesn’t shut off when I shut the program down.
It also turns the volume up by itself.
The problems exist on both the remote and the core.

@Chris_Martin, if you are running the latest release of Roon, Roon has separated the Roon Server function (“roonserver.exe”) from the graphic interface (“roon.exe”). Therefore, if you close down the graphics front-end, the Roon Server continues to operate in the background. This is for the computer that is selected as the Roon Server. Roon Remotes do not install or start the Roon Server on other computers unless you make that computer a Roon Server.

If you want to close completely Roon’s Roon Server function, you must stop/quit roonserver.exe on your Windows PC that is the Roon Server.

I believe Roon is looking into the volume control issues some other users are experiencing.

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It seems to me that @Chris_Martin might expect the music to stop when closing the graphic interface. It does not do that (and never did when using a separate Roon Server computer like a Nucleus or whatever). This is by design and on purpose. To make the music stop, click the Play/Pause button before closing the graphical app. (The RoonServer program will stay open in the background but it doesn’t really matter, this is by design too)


Good to know it’s already being investigated, thanks!)

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I have the same problem with volume control when I use an Android phone or a Microsoft Surface as a remote.