Roon doesn't upload my library

i add my folder in the watched folder , my folders are in additional ssd inside my audio pc . but nothing happens , no files and folders shown .

what to do ?


What format are the audio files in this folder? Are they support by Roon, see What audio file formats does Roon support?

Assuming the formats ok, try stopping and restarting Roon, just to see if that helps.
Are you able to post a screen shot of Roon’s Storage Setup page.
Can the PC access the files outside of Roon?

Have you pointed Roon to the folder where the audio is stored, rather than just the drive?


I’m using windows server 2012 as os.
My music is in music stored in internal ssd , most of files are lossless .

I dont add the music folder in the watching folders but no files uploaded .

I noticed that roon searches for 2 seconds on the right upper screen and then stops .

I have an error once that rtreadwrite.dll is missing and re instalked software again but same same .

Have you got this installed ?