Roon doesn't work anymore, take 2

Core is a Mac Bk Pro (Mojave) version 10.14.3. Wireless connection to Apple AirPort Extreme (latest upgrade), Roon is streamed to a Cary DMS 600.

Started having problems after upgrading to 1.7. Now Roon won’t work with anything but my 1000 plus downloaded CDs stored on my Mac or the Live Radio… Won’t connect to Tidal or Qobuz. I get various messages…"Error loading page. Please ck your network connection " (network connection is fine)…or "you are not currently signed into Tidal…(but I am signed into Tidal…the Cary DMS 600 has no problems playing Tidal or Qobuz by itself).

When I try to “Check Tidal settings” on Roon, I get their log in page, Tidal asks if I want to allow this page to open Roon? Click “allow”…the second time around, it opens Roon, but all I get for instance is “failed to load albums”, or “this playlist is empty”.

With Qobuz I get either a “No Results” message or “Read error loading page”.
This system has worked very well in the past. The only problems I have seem to always crop up when I go for the latest upgrade. And now it’s dysfunctional.

While you’re waiting for @support to get to you try -

  1. Restarting Core, router, endpoints, etc.
  2. Log out of and back into Tidal and Qobuz.

These actions won’t hurt and they might clear things up.


A wireless connection for a core machine is not recommended…nor is Apple Airport networking for that matter…YMMV


I would try the reboot + login/logout procedure that @xxx mentioned. If that doesn’t help, then clearing the TIDAL/Qobuz cache would be a good next step:

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to /Library/Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon and verify if the issue still occurs

Hot damn! That worked! Thankyouverymuch…


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Thanks Slim! That was a winner…



Yo Wiz… I would like to be able to hardwire everything (I’ve had issues previously with trying to stream high rez music with various streamer devices until I got the Cary DMS 600) , but just can’t do it in this particular house without a lot of trouble and hassel with interior designer wife sensibilities…
Normally I get quite excellent sound out of my rig as it is…but I’m certainly open to getting a better modem/router if it will play with my Mac. Any suggestions?

I run all my AP’s wired to a backbone network…but I don’t have so many ID issues and an easy going wife helps I guess. My house has 4 AP’s basically one per area. I use Unifi / Ubiquiti networking products myself. Gave up on Apple’s networking hardware years ago and never looked back.

Lots of info on MESH available, but its not for everyone. I would ask around, do your homework too. and many others can give some idea of whats out there. some recent unit feedback

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