Roon does't start on Synology

Hey, sorry for my bad english.

I run Roon on s Synology DS716+II.

When i turn off the NAS in the evening and turn on again the next morning, Roon doesn’t work, the service is running, but my iPad ask me for the login data an the connection doesn’t work.

After stopping Roon on the NAS and starting again everything works fine until i turn of the NAS, than i have the same problem. Any ideas? And thank you for helping.

Hi Thomas,
I have sent you a private message.

Hallo :slight_smile: I habe also the same problem with synoloy NAS.
Can you help me for this please :slight_smile:

Sorry, i have no solution at the moment.

A NAS is designed to run 24/7/365. I have been running mine successfully for years. Why do you feel the need to turn it off in the evening? The only time I turn mine off is during sever weather or a vacation.

Less power consumption, good for nature. I only use the NAS for data storage and music listening.

Okay I get that but the solution to your problem is to leave your NAS on 24/7. Not what you want to hear but you did come here seeking a solution to your problem. Now you have one.