Roon don't detect any device (and this pc too)

All network is WI-FI.
3 PC (1 core)
1 Device Roon Ready
Everything works but no device is shown on 1 PC.
The This Pc area is completely missing.

Everything worked before.
I didn’t use the PC for a few days and now nothing.
I tried uninstalling firewall, antivirus turn off and turn on everything (including core)

What can I try?

I assume Windows?


Reboot everything

Reinstall video drivers from manufacturers web site

Could be due to a Windows update

Tks 4 the answer.

Yes, correct. Windows 10.
On the pc there is an external dac via usb in addition to the internal speaker.
Both work (outside of Roon).
Both worked until a few days ago in Roon as well.


There were Windows updates downloaded but not installed.
I installed them and now it’s ok.
Mysteries of Uncle Bill!

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