Roon download URL blocked by China GFW

As the linux .sh file said:


The package hosted on Amazon S3 has a high probability of being blocked by the Chinese government firewall(GreatFireWall).

Due to this problem, several of my friends can’t upgrade to version 1.6. Most of the affected are NAS core users. The upgrade process is stuck at 0% downloaded and cannot be cancelled. Users also cannot manually download the nas core package for installation.

@support needs to be flagged here

Hello @Colt_Ma,

Have your friends tried rebooting the Core and trying the download again? I have seen cases where rebooting the Core has allowed the download to proceed as expected so I would give that a try.

What kind of NAS are you and your friends trying to install the update on? If you can let me know there might be a way to manually install the update.


There has often been a problem with dyndns type domain links in China for the longest time. Where as a fully qualified DNS based entry often is never an issue.

Sorry for the late. They tried rebooting Core or even the NAS, but nothing work. Both Synology and QNAP have the same problem.
Someone tried to upgrade through foreign VPN service. Then it works. But the solution is not for everyone.

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I have already posted a support here.

But the post was closed, even if the situation persists. May I ask why?

As I said “the solution is not for everyone”. This is definitely not a universally available solution for users here. Do something please. What about an official solution? Thank you.

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I’ve reopened and merged…

Hello @Colt_Ma,

Thanks again for your interest in this subject. I brought your findings to the dev team and they agree we should try to do better here.

We’re looking into a few options that will allow people in China to download Roon updates without needing to resort to using a VPN, and while I cannot promise a specific timeline of when this will occur, I wanted to let you know that your request has been acknowledged and the dev team sends their thanks.

Appreciate you bringing this to our attention!