Roon Downsamples DSD

Hi, I hope the ever helpful guys in this forum can give insights on the issue I’m having with Roon.

Does Roon Downsamples DSD to unsupported DAC? I ask because I see it Downsamples DSD128 and DSD256 files down to DSD64.

I stream my music to a SOTM SMS-200 endpoint connected to a Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC. I can stream natively when using HQplayer or MPD so the DAC is not an issue. I also use the same Windows 10 PC for Roon Core and HQP so PC may not be the issue. There is no issue however if I select HQP in Roon as the Audio Device (NAA endpoint) and even I can upsample everything to DSD 256 using HQP. However I would like to simplify my setup thus would like to remove HQP altogether from the chain but it looks like Roon-Core/Roon-Endpoint is limited to DSD64 onlin my setup.
In summary:
ROON CORE > Roon Endpoint (SMS200) > Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC is limited to DSD 64.

ROON CORE >HQPLayer > NAA Endpoint (SMS200) > Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC is up to DSD 256.

You can override what Roon thinks is the max DSD rate in the Audio section of Settings for your Musical Paradise DAC.

Thanks. I see the settings now.