Roon downsampling DSD

I have some DSD native albums in 128, 256, and 512.

I am also using Mytek Brooklyn Bridge connected to Necleus+ over ethernet. The BB suppors DSD64 in this set up.

I have a few questions on what happens in this configuration:

(1) Will Roon automatically down-sample a higher res DSD (say 512) to the max DSD64 resolution supported by my DAC?

(2) I was searching in the Settings > Audio section, under the Mytek BB settings, and couldn’t find anywhere to control the max DSD resolution of the DAC (it only allows me to select max PCM resolution). Is that option available somewhere that I am missing?

(3) From practical music quality - given I can only play DSD64 - if I have the same album in DSD64 and DSD512 (DSF files) - will the quality of the music played from DSD512 down-sampled by Roon to DSD64 be identical the quality of the music played from the DSD64 file? - I wonder if either approach has an advantage in my setup (irrespective of future proofint).

thank you!


I don’t know this gear so cannot help here.

I would say the best way to find it out is just to try it. You’ll never know what your gear is doing better or worse. Trust your ears!

But I would suspect that the less CPU consumption and calculation algorithms going on (either in your DAC or elsewhere) the better the result. So yes, given your DSD64 is from the same master, it most likely will sound better than the DSD512 downsampled on the fly.

Hope this helps a bit.



Thank you @NOA - makes sense! much appreciated

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