Roon downselecting bitrate

Core Machine
Macbook Pro, 2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Network Details

Audio Devices

One Sonos ARC, two Sonos 5’s (paired) and 4 Sono’s 1’s spread around the house.

Library Size

Description of Issue

I’ve just downloaded Roon and am really excited about exploring it.

While I doubt these 68 year old ears could hear the difference, I’ve noticed that when playing 24 bit content, the content to the Sonos speakers is being downselected to 16 bit. Is there some setup issue that I need to adjust?

Hello James and welcome to the community.

Not familiar with Sonos products but from what I just read online only the newer Sonos speakers support hi-res 24 bit streaming with the S2 version of the app. Older versions with S1 app only play 16 bit. Not sure how that relates to you setup.

It depends on your Sonos hardware. S1 hardware supports only 16-bit playback. S2 hardware supports 24-bit.

See: Sonos Support

Thank you both for the replies. I should have noted that all the speakers are capable with the S2 version of Sonos.

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