Roon dropping audio to external DAC

I recently switched from using a Grace Design m905 to a Universal Audio Apollo Twin audio interface on my Windows 10 machine. The Apollo works perfectly well with everything else, but Roon.

Roon will play for maybe 5-10 minutes and then drop sync with the Apollo. To try and find the problem I changed the Resync Delay to a higher value, no change. I then thought it maybe that the Apollo did not like the constant changing of bit rate and data rate so I set it up to force everything out to the Apollo to be a fixed 24 bit 96kHz signal, which made it happen far less frequently, to about 20-30 minutes.

I also do multitrack audio on this same machine with no such problems. I do video editing with the audio passing out through the Apollo, all without problems. So this is isolated to the Roon software.

I know that there will be few if any users on a similar setup, but perhaps those with Windows 10 systems have similar problems may be able to shed some light?