Roon Dropping Audio: "Waiting for Roon Core" ---> "Something's Not Right"

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Router (recently factory reset)
Nucleus is hardwired
Port Reopened for ARC

Connected Audio Devices

BluOs Nodes

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon has been unable to complete one full song before audio drops, “Waiting for Roon Core” appears and then “Somethings Not Right” appears. It sits like that and I can start playback again. Rinse and repeat. We have had to factory reset our router recently Netgear XR7000, but I believe all the settings are proper. I’ve found a number of threads on this issue and haven’t found a solid solution.

Sounds like it could be the same issues many have now with excessive memory consumption and it simply uses all it’s resources and times out. I get the same message when “RoonAppliance” is going nuts on my NUC.

hey henrik, i don’t think that’s right. its essentially on a brand new nucleus and an brand new Apple M2 laptop. i can’t see memory being the issue. my hope/thinking is that there was some kind of internet config i might be missing after having to factory reset the router. i’m sitting here watching the roon as i work, and its constantly going back and forth between being on and offline. not even playing anything.

That might be the issue as I am receiving similar error messages from my Roon Core after it has been working for a few days.

Every time that happens the RoonServer on my Linux laptop has eaten over 13 of the available 16 gb of RAM.

A fresh reboot later and Roon works again as it should. With around 3 gb of RAM usage. But after 2 days the RAM usage is back up to 13.2 gb again.

Did some more testing - has been running while playing thru the MB Pro Laptop without dropping for over an hour. Have activity monitor open as well, hovering at about 617mb give or take the whole time. Would love to solve this.

Wondering if there’s anyone else experiencing this or if there is a fix?

Have updated Roon via the app (little purple pop up) and still can’t make it thru a single song without a drop out. Would love help in getting this solved - is @support monitoring? How can I fix this issue?

Hey @Maxwell_Gosling,

Ben with the support team here, thank you for your patience while we work through each thread! I wanted to check in on the status of your issue. Are you still running into audio dropouts?

If so, can you please share the specific date and time, as well as the track name, the next time this happens?

I would also make sure to update your roon remotes to the latest build as well. :+1:

hey ben, as of now things have stabilized. not sure what the issue was but for now everything seems stable. thanks so much!

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