Roon Dropping Connection to MiniDSP SHD

I have ROCK (Version 1.8 (build 913) ) running on an Intel NUC NUC8i5BEH and connected to a Synology DS418 (running DSM 7.0.1) where my music is stored.

The NUC and Synology are connected via ethernet to a Netgear GS716Tv3 ProSafe 16-port Gigabit Switch which is also connected (via ethernet) to a MiniDSP SHD (running all latest updates)

All is working fine except that Roon looses the MiniDSP from ‘audio devices’ every 24 hours or so. There is no pattern to this that I can see - it jut seems to happen intermittently.

When it occurs I can still ‘see’ and interact with the MiniDSP via it’s IP address and can restart it easily. By doing so it reappears in Roon and I’m up and running again. This makes me suspicious that the problem lies with Roon and not the SHD.

This problem started about two months ago - but I can’t trace it to any particular update.

Any thoughts?

As a test would it be possible to take the dsp out of the managed switch.


Sorry, I don’t follow you? If I can still see the MiniDSP (via the switch) then how can the switch be at issue? Without the switch there is no network and no connection to the music files


Roon has known issues with managed switches, normally related to multicast, but I was wondering if there was something in the switch that is dropping the roon traffic to the dsp on an interval.
I have absolutely no idea what that might be but it wouldn’t be too hard to bypass tge switch to see maybe,?

I did not know this - can you cite any source?

If this is a cause I wonder why it has occured now? Its been working without network problems for years.

I’m not saying that it is the cause, more that its one thing to make sure it isn’t, if that make sense?

From the roon network faq

Thanks, that it super helpful - I will study closely.

I have enabled flow control on my switch - but I can’t see the amount of data being moved could cause congestion. but will see.


Hi @Douglas_Gunn ,

Did changing flow control resolve the issue on your end? I would also check the IP Address lease time, perhaps this issue is occurring when the MiniDSP gets a new IP address from your router.


Yes, with flow control enabled the SHD is not disappearing.



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