Roon Dropping on MacOS Sonoma

I’m having the same problem on my Mac:

Roon Server Machine

Mac Mini M2 w/ 16GB ram, running MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router Netgear R9000 w/ latest firmware, Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieeeXL 2023.11 (1179)

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi to Topping D90SE DAC via USB output to Topping pream via balanced interconnect, output to Primaluna power amp via balanced interconnects.

Number of Tracks in Library

44,031 tracks

Stored on a Synology NAS and via Qobuz

Description of Issue

Everything has worked very well for a very long time, but within the last couple of days playback will stop for no apparent reason. I originally thought it was only while streaming Internet radio, but now I know it is also happening while playing local files from my NAS. I have tried several stations and several albums, the results are the same. Sometimes they will play for hours, then for no reason stop, sometimes it’s only for 10 - 20 minutes before playback stops.

@Nathaniel_Elam, to avoid confussion with the original poster I have created a new Support request for you.

Thanks, I thought is was pertinent, may be the same cause, but if you feel this is better it’s fine with me.

Do you get the “lose control” message as well?

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Where do you see this message? To be honest I’m not sitting watching Roon while it’s playing, I press play and then proceed to do other things. Is this a message that Roon gives?

It appears in the Roon app just after music stops playing. Stays on the screen for a few seconds.

I haven’t noticed that so far, I’ll keep my eye open for it. Thanks!

In an effort to troubleshoot this problem I rebooted my computer one more time and the problem has not recurred. I am hoping that it’s fixed now, I am still watching it. It’s good that it’s working now but frustrating not knowing what or where the problem was. I’ll post back here if it recurs or not after a while. Thanks to all!

Here you go. 1225 PST January 6th

And 1230PST January 6th (I won’t post more drops)
Note playing from a different device. (First was iPad and 2nd was Samsung tablet)