Roon dropping out and skipping to next song

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I’m using a Salkstreamer 3

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Modem/Router Arris Surfboard SBG7580-AC, connected to stream player via Ethernet cable

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Streamer connected to Exagol Comet DAC via USB, DAC to AMP via RCA

Description Of Issue

1 - Tracks stop playing after a minute then advance to the next track. This is a random occurance, sometimes several tracks will play normal for a period of time then several will skip to next track in a row.
2 - Access to Roon drops from any device, track stop playing. After a period of time usually 1/2 hr or so, I can access roon and start the player. Logging into router when access is lost shows IP address of streamplayer still online. I opened ports UDP 9003 and TCP 9100-9200, per another thread sugestion

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What bitrates seem to cause this? I’m wondering if it’s a performance issue. Can you give more info on the system specs of the core machine?

Linux splayer 5.1.4-arch1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed May 22 08:06:56 UTC 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux
There is a lot more info at the streamplayer GUI, what do you need?

Flac 44.1khz 16 bit 2 channel

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Hi @Mark_Ialapi,

Do you have any networking gear in use besides the Arris?

How are your remotes connected to the network? Are they all connected via WiFi or also Ethernet?

Remotes all connect by wi fi. There is a lynksys router connected near my audio equipent to extend my network, there is also a switch or hub at both routers. I did try connecting the streamplayer directly at the main router and had the same drop outs

Hi @Mark_Ialapi,

Is this router in bridge mode?

What are the switch models? Are they managed switches?

Do you have another machine on the network that you can temporarily use as your Roon Core? Does the same behavior occur?

One is a D-link DGS-108, the other is a Netgear GS-208, both unmanaged, the lynksys router is in bridge mode. I have a intel nuk that may work with win 10 on it, looks like it only runs on linux though
FYI I have a Laview nvr and a Insteon home automation hub connected to the network, both have outside access.

I appreciate the details, @Mark_Ialapi.

Generally, these types of issues will stem from either networking issues or Core issues. It’s hard to tell just yet which might be happening here, but if you are able to install Roon on the Intel NUC it would definitely be a good test to see if the same behavior occurs in that configuration.

If that device works, then we know the issue is likely limited to the current Core. If it also experiences this issue, then we know to focus on the network.

Im not that familiar with linux operating systems. I have windows 10 on the nuc, will I have to format the hard drive to install Roon core, or can they both run on the drive

Hi @Mark_Ialapi,

If you already have Windows installed, you can just install the Windows version of RoonServer from our downloads page and you can give that a test.

Rock writes over the drive you install it on, but if you have 2 drives in there one could be windows and one could be rock. But take out the windows drive first and put it back after installing rock to be sure you install on the right drive. I used to have a setup that ran as mock but I could go back to windows in the other drive.

What if I installed rock on a flash drive then boot to the flash drive on start up, my nuc only has 1 drive

roon needs to install to an SSD internal drive…if you did manage to install it (I doubt its possible) to USB flash drive it would run like molasses.

an SSD and a USB SSD/Flash drive are very different animals.

I installed the windows version of roon on my nuc, and I have not had any issues dropping out, or anything. I’m wondering if the fact that it’s running on windows over the network, to my avr, as opposed to linux stream player. then through a dac, has any bearing. Or should I assume if it’s working on windows, it must be in the dac or the linux streamer?

Hi @Mark_Ialapi,

If you connect the DAC to the Windows machine does it work?

Is the Windows machine connected to the network any differently than the Windows device?

This definitely helps narrow thins down and it seems like this issue is likely stemming from an issue with the DAC (you can test by using the Salkstreamer with other endpoints) or the Salkstreamer experiencing performance issues.

It seems to work with the DAC no issues yet, I’m guessing it is the stream player. Taking it back to Salksound today, their going to check it out

Thanks for the update, @Mark_Ialapi. Glad to hear that things are working in that configuration. Definitely let us know what the Salksound team finds!

The Salk team swapped out my streamer with one they had running at their office for a few months without issue. I still had similar issue, After starting the stream player it would play for about a hr or so, then starts advancing from song to song, after only playing each for a short time, then stops playing completely and the stream player needs a restart. So Jim sent out a Raspberry pi to use as a endpoint. Still having issues. The splayer just stops playing, after a period of time, however it does not need a restart, I only have to press play and it starts back up, from what I can tell so far

Hi @Mark_Ialapi,

Thanks for the update! Interesting that the new Salk device is exhibiting the same issue when the Windows machine on the network did not.

Is the Salk connected to the network in any different way than the PC?