Roon dropping out recently

Recently Roon has been dropping out for the past several weeks. Question, my wifi router is on my second floor, my Nucleus (along with my stereo system) is on the bottom floor connected to the router via an ethernet cable. I have a Sonore system which is a Roon endpoint. Does the Sonore system receive its signal from the Nucleus or from the wifi router on the second floor?

You don’t say how your Sonore is connected. If its on WiFi then Roon will have no influence. Roon will be distributed by RAAT by whatever network arrangement you have.

If you can connect your endpoint by ethernet (even as a lash up) then try that and see if it helps. Otherwise you could try a local WiFi Extender to boost the signal or even provide an Ethernet source.

There is so much that can interfere with WiFi ,starting with actual building deign and building materials, its often not a 100% solution in some cases.

Some people get a good WIFi experience, personally I gave up and ran a cable !! If you read around this forum you will quickly get the impression that most Roon issues eventually come down to network issues, often the dependence on WiFi

Mike, thank you for responding. The Sonore is connected via an ethernet cable to my downstairs router as well as the Nucleus. These two units are both downstairs while my wifi router is upstairs. Does a Roon endpoint receive its streaming signal through an ethernet connection or through a wifi connection?

In this case Ethernet, so the connection should be soundertaken

You could try restarating everything including the router, often helps

Kind of both. Music is first sent to the Roon Core, processed, and then out from the Core to the endpoint.

Follow up question. As I initially said Roon has been dropping lately giving me the msg lost connection mid song. Since my Nucleus and my Sonore are both connected to the same router downstairs, could the cause of the lost connection be coming from my main wifi router connection (which is in the 2nd floor) with my Samsung Tab A?

Here is how things are setup.

The internet connection is through a Huawei fiber wifi router into my 2nd floor. I run an ethernet Cat5 cable from the Huawei to my downstairs music room Silent Angel Bonn 8 switch. Both the Nucleus and the opticalModule are connected to the Bonn 8 switch via an ethernet cable. In the picture ending in 708 it shows the Nucleus and a Mytek Brooklyn Dac+, behind them are the opticalModule and the opticalRendu. The LPS’s are down below as well as the Bonn 8 switch. I am using a Samsung Tab A tablet with the Roon app to control Roon from my downstairs music room.

Ever since I have had the Nucleus (even with the microrendu, and now the OpticalRendu) there was an occasional drop. However recently the drops are happening almost every time I use Roon with the msg lost connection.

I am wondering if it could be that the Nucleus, opticalModule, opticalRendu and the Mytek are all on the same level causing some interference. I could move the Nucleus upstairs as well as the Bonn 8 switch.