Roon dropping tidal and Qobuz logins

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

IMac 5k 2014 w 24gb memory; MacOS latest version
**Network Details (Including networking

AirPort Extreme via wifi to roon; Roon to everything else via wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Various - notably devialet via RAAT

Description Of Issue

Twice in the last couple of days Roon has lost my subscriptions to Tidal and Qobuz. Only option is to reboot the Mac. Restarting Roon on its own does not help. Any idea what might be going on?


Aidan Gaule

Hello @Aidan_Gaule,

How exactly has Roon “lost” the TIDAL/Qobuz subscriptions? Can you specify this further?
Are you being presented with an error message? Are you unable to both navigate and play back content or just one and not the other?

– Noris

Thanks for the prompt response.

Unfortunately I did not make detailed notes, so I can’t be super explicit and I was expecting it to be a ‘known problem’.

As I recall the message that comes up is: you are not logged into Tidal/Qobuz (as the case may be), but the system was not in a state that allowed me to try and log in again. On the first occasion it happened I was still able to access music in my local library; on the second the app hung completely. If it happens again my approach will be more forensic.


Hi @Aidan_Gaule,

Often times issues like these end up being something in the environment, I don’t have similar behavior on my end so we need to figure out what is different in your setup compared to mine or the others in the world.

Next time this issue occurs please note:

  • The exact error message you received
  • The exact local time + date the message pops up (e.g. 2:31PM on 4/23/19)
  • What exactly is happening when the subscription is lost (failure to navigate or just failure to play)
  • If possible a screenshot of the issue

Once I have this information from you we should have much more data to work from and I can suggest proper follow-up steps.

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