Roon Drops Ball Again

So, Roon isn’t compatible with ios13. Interesting, since anyone with an internet connection knows it’s being released. I have a new iPhone 11 pro and can’t use the Roon app which is the whole purpose of paying for it.

Roon used to be great. It’s development was great. Now it’s mediocre.


I use iOS beta 13.1 fine. worked fine on 13 beta also.

I as well have been using Roon on all iPad OS betas thru 13.1 without any problem

Hi Eric,

Could you explain the issue you’re having with Roon? Are you experiencing small display?

iOS 13 seems to run properly, but there is an issue with Roon and the iPhone 11 itself.

Cheers, Greg

Small, unusable display. All buttons near the notch are unresponsive. Can’t use Roon. Deleted and re-installed. Nothing.

Thanks Eric. Check out the following:

I’m going to close this thread. Feel free to post in the above thread.

Cheers, Greg