Roon drops connection with external drive

I have a NUC7i3 ROCK. My files are stored on a WD 1.5TB HDD in an Oyen case and connected to the NUC via USB. Roon frequently drops the connection and stops playing. I can continue to stream Tidal but I far prefer to play my own 24 bit files.

Any ideas how I might resolve this problem? I do have a 1TB SSD I can add to the NUC. Might that be my best option?

With an i3 not running that hot, I would add the SSD. I had an SSD in my i7 NUC case with no problems, but eventually put my files on a NAS so I removed it.

So Rock is installed on a SSD in the NUC right? If not you should do so although I wouldn’t waste a 1TB drive on it when 64GB would suffice and I don’t think it will resolve your problem. How big is your library?

I think I will, just dragging my feet ‘cuz I don’t want that drive erased.

Roon is on M.2 SSD (128 GB Adata). Another user on these boards told me I can leave that in for Roon and add a second drive for the library, which is contrary to Roon’s instructions. My library is about 800 GB.

Where is that contrary to instructions? Assuming you did the bios updates I don’t know what to suggest. Maybe @support can help. I am guessing some sort of network issue so describing your setup and what dac you are using will be required.

"1. Prepare your NUC’s hardware

Install a 64GB or larger SSD into the M.2 Slot
Install 4GB or more of RAM
Optionally, install a 2.5" internal SATA disk. **You can only use 1, so don't bother with more.**
    For more information about storage options for use with ROCK, see here"

That means one 2.5” drive, not one drive in total.

OK, I’ll try it.