Roon drops rooms when connecting to NAD CI580

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I wanted to update you here, we’ve been in touch with NAD and they have added this issue to their ticketing system.

I don’t have any other details except the above to share at this time, when we have any further news we will be sure to let you know.


For what it’s worth, I have four 580’s and I am experiencing exactly the same issues. I’m about ready to pitch them.

Is there a answer to this I am having the same issues on 2 different CI-580s in two different locations.

Both are running nucleus+ and CI-580

I seem to have the issues of drop out only on the analog outputs but I am going to do more testing today.


Having issues on NAD CI-580 with Roon App losing zones while playing.
Roon App shows music is playing when grouped but no sound. I can Access the zone with blueOS and can get music to play just fine. If I reboot the NAD CI-580 zones seems to come back for 30-45 mins then I loss it again. Again it shows in the Roon app music is playing.

I am have the same issues on 2 different NAD CI-580s in two different locations. Both Sysemts are running current BlueOS versions per App and website. Roon is Nucleus+ is running Version 1.6 (build 416) stable on both systems (Both are running Nucleus+ and NAD CI-580)

I seem to have the dropouts more on analog outputs of the NAD CI-580.


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Bluesound is aware of issues regarding the NAD CI-580 and Roon Ready playback. They have informed us that they have an internal ticket for this issue are investigating. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done until Bluesound has finished their investigation.


Is the issue only with the NAD CI-580.

Do you know if Bluesound has the same problem with the node 2i with and dropouts.

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Is the issue only with the NAD CI-580.

Do you know if Bluesound has the same problem with the node 2i with and dropouts.

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FWIW, I have had no issues of this sort with my 2 CI-580s (or my 10 CI-720s). Both run off a Nucleus+ and are using analog outs. I did have the multi zone sync issue until it was fixed a while ago. The NAD units and the N+ are updated to latest firmware.


Here is what I got from Roon Tech support and NAD/Bluesound support.
The loss of zone and drop out is a know issues by Roon and NAD. They are working on a fix for it. It only seems to happen when the NAD 580 is upgraded to the most current software 3.4.13.

Hmmm. Still haven’t seen it and I’m on 3.4.13 but I’ll keep my eye open for it.

I’m curious if they said this known problem exists only for the 580 or for all bluos devices. Any info here?

Played music all day today on multiple ci580 and ci720 zones with no zone loss or dropouts… I must be lucky…

Was this issue ever resolved? I was thinking of setting up multizone audio with Roon and a couple of CI 580s but after reading this thread I’m not so sure

I have both CI580s and CI720s and have no problems with either of them. They are running 10 zones in my house. I have no idea why others are having problems.

Thanks Craig, I was curious about the “known issues” that @Thomas_Dickson mentioned above. Hopefully those have been addressed by now.

Don’t know. I’ve never had any issue with dropouts and have updated all firmware along the way. 3.4.13 caused no issues for me. There was a multi-zone sync issue with bluos devices but that was fixed long ago. Have no idea what is different between me and those having issues. I can say I have a rock solid and fast wired infrastructure with enterprise grade switches and firewall/gateway (all unifi) with 1G to the house, 10G to distribution switches in various parts of my house and then 1G to all devices (and 10G to the few that take it). Maybe the dropping is network dependent, but I can’t really say.

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And one final note. I’m only using one zone on a single CI580 currently but my previous setup used 10 zones on 3 CI580s all feeding different zone amps. I evolved to using CI720s which have amps integrated (and are really awesome units) so am down to a single zone on the single CI580 where I still need an external amp with a lot of power (to power 20 outside patio speakers). But I never did have dropout issues with the CI580s then either.

thanks Craig, that’s good to know. I’ll have to do a bit more research on the CI720 option. What would you say are the pros/cons of going with the CI720 instead of the CI580?

Does depend on your setup. I’m assuming these will likely power zones with speakers in the ceiling or with small speakers that aren’t your main listening room(s). If no and these will power key listening room(s), then you’d likely want to use the CI580 and use more capable amps paired with them (but if in key listening zones you’d only get 192K/24 so CI580s may not be good enough).

If yes (not your main listening zones) then the CI720s are great as you can put 6 zones in a 2U rack unit, each with 60watts. If doing the this with CI580s, you’d have to use 2 CI580s (which would be a 2U in a rack but of course would get you 8 zones) and then add separate zone amps which could be 2-4U or more each – the amps that I replaced when I went with CI720s vs CI580s were 2 units, 4 zones each, 2U each so for 8 zones I had 6U comprised of 2 CI580s (2U) and 2 zone amps (2U & 4 zones each) and I now have 12 zones in a 4U space with CI720s. Hope that makes sense.

Only thing to remember on the CI720s is that you need a separate network connection to each of them as opposed to one each to CI580 (so 2 for 2 units) so you’d likely need an extra switch or 2 to handle. But the CI720s are small, great sounding, completely silent – they have a tiny fan but it hardly ever runs and you can’t hear it if it does. So I like them very much for non critical house zones.

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Hi @Luis_Salazar,

I just wanted to let you know that I am not aware of new updates to this issue since @john’s latest post: