Roon drops rooms when connecting to NAD CI580

Don’t know. I’ve never had any issue with dropouts and have updated all firmware along the way. 3.4.13 caused no issues for me. There was a multi-zone sync issue with bluos devices but that was fixed long ago. Have no idea what is different between me and those having issues. I can say I have a rock solid and fast wired infrastructure with enterprise grade switches and firewall/gateway (all unifi) with 1G to the house, 10G to distribution switches in various parts of my house and then 1G to all devices (and 10G to the few that take it). Maybe the dropping is network dependent, but I can’t really say.

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And one final note. I’m only using one zone on a single CI580 currently but my previous setup used 10 zones on 3 CI580s all feeding different zone amps. I evolved to using CI720s which have amps integrated (and are really awesome units) so am down to a single zone on the single CI580 where I still need an external amp with a lot of power (to power 20 outside patio speakers). But I never did have dropout issues with the CI580s then either.

thanks Craig, that’s good to know. I’ll have to do a bit more research on the CI720 option. What would you say are the pros/cons of going with the CI720 instead of the CI580?

Does depend on your setup. I’m assuming these will likely power zones with speakers in the ceiling or with small speakers that aren’t your main listening room(s). If no and these will power key listening room(s), then you’d likely want to use the CI580 and use more capable amps paired with them (but if in key listening zones you’d only get 192K/24 so CI580s may not be good enough).

If yes (not your main listening zones) then the CI720s are great as you can put 6 zones in a 2U rack unit, each with 60watts. If doing the this with CI580s, you’d have to use 2 CI580s (which would be a 2U in a rack but of course would get you 8 zones) and then add separate zone amps which could be 2-4U or more each – the amps that I replaced when I went with CI720s vs CI580s were 2 units, 4 zones each, 2U each so for 8 zones I had 6U comprised of 2 CI580s (2U) and 2 zone amps (2U & 4 zones each) and I now have 12 zones in a 4U space with CI720s. Hope that makes sense.

Only thing to remember on the CI720s is that you need a separate network connection to each of them as opposed to one each to CI580 (so 2 for 2 units) so you’d likely need an extra switch or 2 to handle. But the CI720s are small, great sounding, completely silent – they have a tiny fan but it hardly ever runs and you can’t hear it if it does. So I like them very much for non critical house zones.

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Hi @Luis_Salazar,

I just wanted to let you know that I am not aware of new updates to this issue since @john’s latest post:

Hi Roon - may I suggest you remove Roon certification for the Ci580 as it does not work and for a year now NAD / Bluesound have done nothing about it. I have support tickets with them that go around the houses blaming network settings, cables, software settings, then finally an acknowledgement that it doesn’t work and a closed support ticket. This is my most recent reply Jan 2020 in response to ongoing support tickets about Roon zone grouping not working, and Roon playback stalling on 6 seconds, to any Ci580. It quite clearly says the product does not work and they may or may not fix it:

Hello Liam,

Thank you for getting back to us with the update.

After running through some tests here in our BluOS Lab we were able to replicate the issue you are experiencing.

Therefore, I have taken your input regarding this issue and forwarded it to our Quality Assurance Team for further review and consideration in a future update.

With that being said, I really appreciate your feedback as we are always developing our BluOS Players alongside our BluOS Controller App, continuing to expand on its features and deliver a more customized and Hi-Fi listening experience.

I am sorry that I am unable to provide a more immediate solution, but if you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards,
Eric W.
BluOS Support Crew Analyst.

I continue to have no issue with my CI580s and have not for over a year since the sync issue was fixed.

I continue to have four bricks, despite countless hours of effort and paying thousands of dollars to av specialists. There is no way that the 580 should be certified by Roon.


Have NAD/BluOs provided Roon with any further updates on this at all?

I am the client of Liam (see comment above) and Roon is unusable on the NADs still. No progress of any note on the NAD end since they identified the fault.

Its a real pain as Roon cannot be used now in most of my house , only in one dedicated room (not on NAD).

I do not think it should be Roon certified given the issue is confirmed by NAD with no solution forthcoming.


Wow. I am glad I read this thread. I was thinking of using the CI580’s to start doing Roon installs instead of SONOS. I will hold off on that idea for now.

Hi @Sean_T,

Have you by any chance updated and tried the v3.10.x of BluOS firmware?
Is the behavior the same on the new firmware version if so?

Hi Noris,

Checked the day this came out . Unfortunately made no difference.

We still have all the same behaviour detailed by Liam_McLaughlin (the AV professional used for my build) and myself above.


Hi @Sean_T,

It looks like there was a BluOS update released today, September 1st with version 3.10.3, have you check that one as well?

Hi @noris ,

Upgraded Bluos to 3.10.3 . Unfortunately the issue persists. Have you heard from BluOs/NAD that this was expected to fix the issue they have verified.

@Liam_McLaughlin , fyi

Best regards,

Hi @Sean_T,

Thanks for checking the latest version, and sorry to hear it hasn’t helped.
We’re still working with NAD on this issue, but nothing to announce at this time.

Hi @noris

Is the NAD ci580 going to lose its roon certification in the upcoming cleanse?

Or is something happening with NAD to ensure that these work consistently for all users?

There seems little progress since @Liam_McLaughlin and I raised this with NAD/Bluos well over a year ago.

Thanks in advance for clarification and progress update.



Hi @Sean_T,


We are still actively working with NAD to investigate this issue at this time.

We have a job with two ci580 are going to have to remove them soon since roon and NAD ci580 are not working together. This is very upsetting and makes us question selling roon ready devices in the future.


Hello all,

We continue to investigate this issue with NAD, we hope to have an update to share soon.


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I just came across this thread and can confirm that my CI580 stopped working correctly after a BluOS software update last year. I don’t get drops outs. In my case, if I play an album, the first song will not play. If I hit the skip forward button to go to song 2 on the album, it plays fine. I can then back up and the first song will then play. Of course, while this work around is useful for albums, it does nothing for playlists or Roon Radio. I have also opened multiple tickets with NAD and they have confirmed it as a bug (after suggesting a lot of worthless fix attempts for me to try). Like others, I am still waiting and the latest BluOS have done nothing to change this issue.