Roon DSD resolution limit

In a review in the current issue of Stereophile the author makes the statement that Roon is only able to play up to DSD 128. Is this correct? I only play up to DSD 64 but was under the impression that Roon would play at least up to DSD 512 if the DAC was capable of it? He was using a Macbook Pro connected via USB so perhaps that is the limiting factor?

Yes MACs and DSD don’t play well. If you have the right setup 512 is possie with Roon.

That’s what I thought. Wonder where he got the idea it was otherwise?

I’m upsampling to 512DSD to a capable DAC no issues. 1024 should be doable on the right platform but I have yet to try it.

I am playing native DSD 512 with Roon.
Isn’t there a file size restriction in Roon? If yes, this might prohibit DSD 1024 playback.

Apple can play DSD up to DSD 256 in DOP.

Upsampling to dsd1024 should not have any file limits unless it’s not done on the fly

On the fly,yes.
But is there a size limit in Roon?
Files produced with HQ Player Professional would reach more than 4 or 5 gig eventually.

Not sure if there is a file limit. But a while back there was a discussion on large DXD files, more than 2 GB that did not play. Roon has a ticket open, but it is not confirmed that it is due to size or something else.

Link to DXD discussion

I did play a file with 3.1 gb. Limit must be higher.

In a review by Robert Harley of a DSD1024 capable DAC in the current TAS, he said Roon would play a DSD512 file but not DSD1024.

Well I have yet to have a dac capable so no personal experience yet