Roon DSP Engine - Parametric equalizer - Astell & Kern Pathfinder

I am looking for Roon DSP Engine - Parametric equalizer - Settings for Astell & Kern Pathfinder.

For my Meze Rai Penta I have found the settings here:

But Astell & Kern Pathfinder is not on the list :frowning:

THX for any suggestions.


Likey not been tested or a common set of phones, just google to see if you can find any posted elsewhere

I did get some help from a very nice guy:

But “only” designed for 44.1kHz sample rate. But I mostly listen to high resolution tracks.


Roon will take care of that by upsampling the filter to match the source rate.

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Best DSP settings for Astell & Kern Pathfinder:

“Pathfinder Super IE2019v2 - AVG ParametricEQ” (Preamp: -9.3 dB)