Roon DSP / EQ for Focal Utopia

Can anybody help me replicate these settings on Roon DSP engine?


Maybe close enough?


Wow! Lots of changes! I thought this would be just one frequency tweak and done…

Another trial, I’m no expert in EQ :grinning:

@thyname: This is easily done if you use the ‘Low shelf’ filter. Just click on the Peak/Dip link to see the options.


@KMan like this;

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Bingo :relaxed:

Just that one band?

Yes. If you look at Tyll’s settings you will notice I have plugged the same values in Roon. Just the one band (Low shelf, G:3.87dB, F: 72.8kHz, Q:0.10) will suffice if your objective is to replicate Tyll’s settings.


I run with this on my Focals - it’s perfect!

Which one? The one that @KMan posted above?

The EQ I use for my pair is a bit more involved, thought I will share it if you guys want to give it a go. I understand EQ is a matter of personal preference, to me I had to bring the presence region down by a few dB and remove the upper bass emphasis and correct for slightly forward upper midrange.

The good thing is even though I" have shared the DMG presets, you can just plug these values directly in Roon!


Yes, that’s the one. Depending on your amp, fine tune to taste.

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Very interesting article on InnerFidelity today from Bob Katz re LCD4s and Focal Utopias. Trying to understand why Bob preferred the LCD4s and Tyll the Focals.

They measured them - turns out there were significant differences in measured performance between samples - ie two pairs of Focals were very different. LCDS slightly better but still not good.

There were also differences between each channel on a given headset - again LCDs better than Focals, but neither acceptable for something at this price level.

Might be worth checking out - if the pair being EQ’d here are same as the ones Bob had then your using the wrong starting point it would appear.

OP here.

I got my Utopia yesterday. Brand new. I don’t know whether mine is from the “bad batch”, as I never owned an Utopia before. What I can tell you is that it sounds noticeably better than my SDR modded HD800. And it has yet to “burn in”.

Much better, tighter, fuller bass, better dynamics and “fuller” sound in general. Has a certain punch not present in HD800. Even the soundstage that the HD800 is lauded for, Utopia is not that “large” but to my ears more realistic.

I may actually not apply any EQ at all initially. It is that good. EQ on HD800 was a must. I sold my HD800

Sorry to get back to this. 72.8 or 10 kHz?

My mistake, it should have been 72.8Hz not 10

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I thought so. Thanks for confirming!

Does a similar one for Elear exist?

Do you know how I can apply these to Roon?