Roon DSP method of sample rate conversion

The more I dig into Roon DSP, the better it gets, but SRC is still a bit of a mystery to me.

I cannot fully grasp how the Roon does SRC, most likely because of my lack of knowledge of SRC in general.

From Roon Knowledge Base:

“Roon’s sample rate converters use fully synchronous, polyphase interpolation. Most are “apodizing”, and they roll off slowly to minimize ringing. Both minimum phase and linear phase options are available.”

I understand that there are two basic ways to do SRC: converting to an analog continuous signal, then re-sampling at the new rate, or calculating the values of the new samples directly from the old samples.

So it looks the first method is DA->AD, the second is DD conversion?

Which one of those two methods is used by Roon DSP?

Roon is software, so it does not perform any AD or DA internally. All DSP is done in the digital domain.

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The answer so obvious and simple!.Thank you

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