Roon DSP parametric EQ preset for Sony MDR1000XB Headphones?

Hello, I´m using, with my HD 800 headphones, a Roon parametric EQ preset I got in this forum (Thanks to the one that shared it). Works great, much better than with no eq at all.

The other headphones I use, sometimes, are Sony MDR1000XB. May be someone also use these headphones with Roon and want to share a screenshot with his&her favourite Roon parametric EQ parameters for the Sony´s?

Thanks a lot in advance!

One thing to consider is that active headphones like the MDR1000XB can already have DSP built in by the manufacturer. I suspect that Sony’s own DSP is one of the reasons why they sound so good. So there may not be as much to be gained adding DSP as there is with passive headphones like the HD800.

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Very good point Matt. Thanks a lot.

As with all things speakers and headphones you should be playing with the settings that give your ears the best sound experience… everyone hears differently so just because one setting someone uses might sound better than no tweaking, you will ultimately want to tweak to suit your own ears and listening experience.

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