Roon DSP Preset for Audeze LCD-5 Coming Soon?

Does anyone know when a Roon DSP preset will be available for the LCD 5 cans? Roon or KMan, can you chime in please? Thanks.

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The preset for LCD-5 will come when Audeze creates it - think you need to push them.

I have multiple Audeze headphones, and I think these presets really make the headphones sounding really awfull. If you like it, good for you - I would avoid these at all cost.

That is an interesting statement… care to explain why you think so?

EDIT: I don’t have any Audeze headphones, just curious…

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It is just my option when listening to Audeze LCD-4, LCD-3 and LCD-XC with and without preset in Roon. I really do prefer the sound without preset.

I’d also like this, especially after reading about the time and effort Audeze have put into the LCD-5 preset with Bob Katz and Gary Cole. A first for Audeze!