Roon DSP, two different systems in different rooms

I’m planning to sign up for Roon and will run it across two systems in different rooms. I’ll load the app onto my laptop probably (mac) and will have it find my library which today resides on a Blusound unit. I only really stream Quboz and Tidal though.

I will usually use my iphone as a controller.

My main system is Pass and Focal Sopra 2 with a PS Audio Direct Stream JR.

My other system is a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless running off of an ethernet cable hardwired to my Imac in my office. Everything in the house is on the same network.

My questions are: Can I set the Roon DSP to impact my Pass system and either not have it affect my KEF LS50 system at all or if need be, can I set a DSP profile for the KEF set up that’s different than the DSP profile I set for the Pass system?

My second question is how wil lI be able to access Roon on the KEF set up- do I download Roon to the Imac they’re attached to or does the KEF app find Roon etc.? I operate the KEF set up either by the desktop apps for Tidal primarily.


You can have as many DSP settings as you like and then apply them or not to each endpoint.

Once the KEF is on the same network as roon on your iMac will see it, just as it will see the Blusound (node?).

The only limitation AFAIAA will be you won’t be able to group both zones and have them play the same music simultaneously.


Thanks John, yes, it’s a Bluesound node, I actually use ut very rarely (for my CD library) but do you their app to source Tidal and Quboz when controlling music from my phone when I listen to my Pass/Focal set up. When listening to the KEF LS50 that are hardwired to my Imac I use the Tidal directory on the Imac desktop.

So I guess I download Roon onto my Imac and use that going forward for the KEF and download it onto my phone and use it to play Tiday/Quboz on thePass Set up (instead of using the Bluesound app on my phone)?


You download one core to whatever machine you want. The iMac is fine. That can run multiple streams. I run Roon (Core) on a Nuc, and use DSP to my MSB DAC>Pass>Rockports. At the same time it runs a stream to my wife’s Bluesound and another stream to my Devialet Phantom in my shop.
I use my PC as the ‘remote’ for my system. My wife uses an iPad air as her Roon Remote, and I also use my Android phone or an iPad as remotes to run the Phantom stream.
So in this case, one Roon Core on my Nuc. Roon running just as a remote on my PC. And Roon Remotes (from Apple App or Google App Stores) for the iPads and Android phone.
You can also use one Roon Remote to switch between all three systems if you want. Very versatile.
Only thing to give thought to is that if you decide to use DSP on multiple zones you can start using substantial amounts of computer resources. A recent iMac will be powerful enough, but performance can start to become limiting as some point.