Roon DSP Upsampling

AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz
Windows 10 Pro 16 GB RAM

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Chord Qutest DAC

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I could have sworn ROON previously allowed upsampling up to768 but now appaers to be limited to 384?

Do you use the Chord supplied special driver for Windows that allows for that sampling frequency to be selected?

Not sure if this is relevant to you but I have the Chord Hugo2 which can do 768 but only if connected to the Chord Mscaler.
Otherwise it’s limited to 384.
I wonder if the Qutest is the same?

Also, FWIW, Rob Watts recommends not using external upsampling with his DACs for best sound quality.

Thanks BlackJack,
Good spot -:slight_smile: i will trry re-installing the driver, i had some issues with my main rig so took the hard drive out & plugged it into another PC. To be honest, i didnt expect it to boot, but it did, albeit with all manner of weird anomalies. Hopefully that fixes this as well as the other ghosts in the machine.

Thanks Placebophile,
My understanding was the Qutest is basically a Hugo without the headphone amp & battery. The Manual says it can operate at 768kHz and DSD 512 natively via USB & DUAL DATA MODE (both BNC’s connected as with the MSCALER).

Wanted to compare the upsampling in Roon vs upsampling in HQ PLAYER. If I’m honest, ii think the gains in upsampling i noticed with the qutest are marginal, admitedly i havent tried it in my main HIFI rig, i use it with an SPL Phonitor2 Headphone amp & an assortment of high resolution reference headphones.

Not sure what Rob means, is the MSCALER not an external upsampler?

Sorry, not my best choice of words.
Rob doesn’t recommended upsampling except with the Mscaler.
I can’t find the link(s) right now but he’s discussed this quite a bit.
The gist being the Chord DACs don’t use off the shelf DAC chips and thus do things differently therefore 3rd party upsampling can actually lower their sound quality.

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