Roon Duplicates

Roon Core Machine

iMac 21" 2013 8G Ram 1 TB SSD. Roon “works fine” but…

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Some of my endpoints are wired, some wireless. All work fine.
I use separate router, switches and WiFi radios.
(The all-in-one solutions don’t work in my old home (stone walls).

Connected Audio Devices

Everything works fine.

Number of Tracks in Library

540 albums (OK, 1080… see below).
Roughly 6500 tracks.

Description of Issue

There are a few other threads about duplicates, but none appears to answer my question specifically.

Each of the 540 albums in my library are duplicated. There are only about a dozen exceptions, and those are albums I bough from iTunes as low-res files, then redownloaded a CD-res version recently.

For those albums, I have two versions of each resolution, for a total of four. In my HD-tracks directory, which is off the main path to the music directory, each album is also duplicated.

Even tracks that were purchased and downloaded today (no chance that the files got duplicated by bad file management) are duplicated.

When I go to look at each of the two duplicated albums in Roon, each shows the same path.

When I follow that path in Mac Finder, it doesn’t show duplicates.

In Roon, when I go into the settings/storage menu, I have two paths. One for the HD Tracks high-res files, and another with the CD-resolution files.

My question is whether Roon “hoovers up” all the music along the path, or just collects the music in the last folder in the path.

In my case, if I delete the path in Roon from Settings/storage to the HD-Tracks directory, will Roon still find those files because they are along the path to the main music directory? Might that resolve the duplicate problem?

Any advice would be welcomed.

Are you still writing this, as to what’s wrong?

Hey @Dan_Petersen,

Great to see you! I wanted to follow up on your thread here, are you experiencing an issue with Roon?

Let me know, we’re here to help! :+1:

Hi @Dan_Petersen,

When you posted you changed some of lines of the standard support template text, which resulted in your description of the error being hidden.

Hence the comments above.

I’ve now corrected this so it is visible…

Hey @Dan_Petersen,

Following up on my last reply, I’m hoping to dig into this issue a bit deeper.

For the first steps, if possible, would you be able to share a screenshot(s) of this specific issue?

With that, are you able to share a screenshot of your Roon storage settings as well?

Lastly, if you can share a screenshot of how the file looks in finder, that would be helpful!

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