Roon EAP on Synology DSM 7.x

Sorry if I’m missing something but are there any detailed instructions how to update to the EAP version of Roon on Synology DSM 7?

Trying the manual install to “update” the Roon package but apparently the versioning has changed to the point DSM thinks I’m trying to downgrade. The message:

Current package version is 20220216. You cannot roll back to the older version 221117.

What am I missing? Am I supposed to uninstall the production version and then install the EAP version?

Btw, I think it would be nice to utilise the DSM “Beta Packages” system for this.

Cc: @crieke

An answer for this would be very nice but since I’ve switched to a linux based RoonServer, it’s not really needed anymore. Thank you anyways.