Roon eating resources?

I’m attaching an image showing that, on my MacBook Pro (early 2015, running the latest OS X, Roon is taking circa 90% of CPU. (It was 90% plus just before this was taken.) I noticed this first when the fan came on. Latest Roon build.

Perhaps not surprising except that this laptop is just a remote; the music is being served elsewhere (and sounding great).

Is Roon still analysing audio files? I’ve noticed this takes a lot of resources, but CPU usage for Roon on normal playback is 8-9% on my MacBook Pro

To be clear, this is not typical. Happened just once.

Not only audio analysis consumes power, there are a lot of background processes in Roon. Main ones are mentioned in this KB article, under the ‘Disable background work or wait for it to finish’ header.
If none of mentioned processes is running in Roon and CPU consumption is still 90% or higher let us know and we’ll take a deeper look.


Not sure it matters, but in my setup, control is separate from output; this article seems aimed at situations where they’re running on the same machine. It was the control machine that had the resource issues.

I’d like to look at the log file. Where is it located in OS X?



Hi - I was about to create a new topic about this issue, but feel this may be the same problem I’m having. I run Roon Core on a Windows 2012 Server box which does all tasking, analyzations and such, and run the client on my OSX based Macbook Pro (2017). Not all of the time, but frequently, I can feel my macbook heating up and operations such as switching to different windows, scrolling browsers, slow down and get choppy. If I look at activity monitor, Roon is eating up resources. If I close Roon Client, and re-open, it will cease this until another random time. Running latest version(s).