Roon end point choice

Waiting for my NUC i7 to arrive this evening then will load Roon. I will be using airplay on Naim Mu So Q initially, but looking to add a compatible end point for improved quality. I will probably have some distance between core and end point (/ points in the future) so I am thinking of using the ethernet as connection. I am looking for advice on the best end point for sound quality without breaking the bank. Thinking of Meridian 251 or Naim Atom. However, reading some of the posts it seems Roon does all the heavy lifting so a full network streamer is not required, would it be better to spend the cash on a DAC with ethernet connection and separate power amp, although a one box solution is neater.

Also if I add more zones in the future and use different Kit can they all be synchronised to play the same source material.


Bluesound and Nad worth looking into. RAAT devices.

There are several Roon Ready network DACs but you would have a much better DAC selection if you used a USB DAC and a microRendu to make it Roon Ready. The total cost of both pieces would probable be less then integrated solutions. For example you could buy a MyTek Brooklyn (amazing DAC) and a microRendu for under $3000.

By using a network streamer you would have the option to upgrade your DAC at any time.

I think anything from the Naim Uniti line is Roon Ready but other Naim products are not.

Roon does not allow syncing of different player types So if you had multiple microRendus or other Roon Ready devices you could sync. But you can’t sync a Roon Ready device and your Naim Mu So Q (via AirPlay).

It depends on your budget but if you are looking for a Roon ready (RAAT) DAC (with an unbeatable price/performance ratio IMHO) you should check out something from TotalDac, for example:

As always it’s a matter of taste and interplay with your other components as well as your room, but if you are looking for a dead neutral, fluid “analog” sounding, full range high resolution DAC I can recommend it. TotalDac offers a 2 weeks trial and Vincent (the owner) is a very nice and responsive person.
You can also upgrade any TotalDac model at any time giving you options for the future to walk up the ladder!

I have no business relationship to TotalDac whatsoever, I’m jut a very satisfied customer.


Well breaking the bank can be a very individual understanding :grinning:. But you did purchase a i7 NUC, so I guess my suggestions is within you definition.

No doubt is one of the Rendu’s. I do not think better endpoints exist. And you have the flexibility to choose any DAC you like.

Look for a used MicroRendu (actually email @agillis) , and upgrade it to a 1.4. If you can afford, purchase the Sonore UltraRendu. You can’t go wrong.

You should also know that you may not need a USB DAC. Some of these DAC’s has bad USB implementation.
Try the ultraDigital USB/SPDIF converter. It’s a condensed Singxer SU-1 :slight_smile:

Finally wait with purchase power. Don’t ask me why. Just wait a week or two :wink: .
Or if you can’t wait. Purchase Uptone Audio LPS-1 use their USPCB as well. Saves you a lot on USB cabling and finally purchase proper DC cables.
That mean Canare starquad. Search Ghent Audio.

Thanks for the advice any thoughts on a single box solution ie end point ethernet with amp built in. So far considering Naim Atom Meridian 251 there are various NAD but no MQA at present Auralic Polaris; the Krell is a bit expensive.

Wait until next week. I suspect there will be some new announcements at CES. I know NAD is planning some updated versions of their product line.

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Hi there. New Roon user here, and loving it! I’m looking for a good endpoint for my dedicated audio-only setup, preferably an all-in-one - endpoint/DAC/Amp. My speakers are B&W 705 S2. I’m presently using my old Denon AVR 4308 receiver with a new Rega Planar 3/Elysium and and the sound is just flat. I suspect the Denon may be the weak link, and not convinced that just adding a good Roon Ready DAC will solve the audio clarity issue. So hoping a Naim Atom or Meridian 251 may bring some life to my system. Anybody out there know how a Naim or Meridian might play with my B&W’s?

Well I started this thread but inly have roon with Nain Mu So at the moment. I asked the question regarding suitable all in one for the room player. It seems the choices in order of cost are Bluesound power node2 Nad zone amp Meridian 251 then various options fro Naim Meridian and NAD from 1.5 k upwards. There is also a Krell amp option.