Roon endlessly trying to add music [Resolved with a core restart]

I changed my router today. Everything is working normally except that Roon is endlessly trying to add music to my library. I uploaded an album after I replaced the router and it appeared in the library as normal and it played just fine. But the screenshot below shows what is going on and I don’t know how to stop it or why it’s not stopping itself. Any ideas?


Roon is analyzing the tracks you just uploaded, and has positively IDed two of them thus far. Let it run. Check your Storage settings to see what Watch Folders are set.

Hi John
Thanks for the input. The watch folder is the same as it’s been since I installed Roon in November last year. The IDing of tracks has never taken this long for an album - it’s been spinning like this for about two hours now. Since the router is new I’m wondering if that’s got something to do with it since that’s the only thing that’s changed but since Roon is otherwise working perfectly I can’t think what the issue could be.

Didn’t read your post carefully enough. Sorry.

Does the “33” speak to you?

Did you try cleaning up the library? (grabbing at straws here, trying to hold on to the last vestige of troubleshooting prowess :slight_smile: )

Hi John
33? Sorry you’ve lost me there.
As to cleaning up the library, I’ve already done that.


Have you restarted the core machine?

That’s cured it! Thanks for the suggestion Wizardofoz. I feel a bit ashamed actually that I didn’t think of that myself!

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This seems to be one of just a few situations (bugs?) that requires a reboot to fix it. It has happened a few times to me over the last 9 months (running ROCK).

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