Roon endpoint on NUC7CJYH2

A friend of mine has a NUC7CJYH2 with RAM and SSD lying around.
How would I best go about turning the NUC7CJYH2 into a Roon Endpoint. I am aware that Volumio can be made RoonReady by following these instructions.
Is there a simpler / better way to put RoonBridge on a low end NUC?

My preference: install a minimal Debian on it, along with Roon Bridge for Linux.

Alternatively: put DietPi on it and install Roon Bridge from its menu system.

If you must: put ROCK on it and don’t activate the Core. It will be visisble as endpoint.

Thanks, dietpi sounds good. Is the bottom one the right image?

Seems right. Be sure to set the NUC to boot via UEFI and follow this for flashing a bootable image and installing DietPi:

Why not use this NUC as a Roon Server (Roon Core)? The J4005 processor in this NUC will do an excellent job of upsampling to DSD128.

This NUC7CJYH needs to be located next to a USB DAC which is not roon ready.
My roon server is located in in the IT rack, connected to a UPS. Connecting the DAC directly to the roon server is not an option.

Why? You can to connect your DAC directly to roon server in NUC7CJYH. The fact that your DAC is not roon ready does not mean anything, it should work with roon server.

Because the roon Server is located two Floors down From the DAC I would like to Connect. I cannot have two roon servers on my network.

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You can use ROCK. You just don’t activate the core. I have a single core Atom powered NUC and I elected to put ROCK on it because it simply works. DietPi for X86 didn’t exist then and sticking the minimal server software such as Ubuntu Server was a pretty big installation just to run Roon as and endpoint. ROCK is tiny and all updates are properly tested so you literally can’t break Roon. The only downside is when updates are due you have to trigger them manually from the web admin page.

Thanks, Henry
sounds like a plan

Are you saying one can run ROCK simply as an output (USB) without activating its Core functionality? That sounds like a great proposition :+1:

That is how I use it, purely as a USB endpoint. But it does see the other sound options including HDMI although I have never tested it.

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