Roon endpoint + Ropieee + Audiophonics ES9038Q2M

Want to make a roon endpoint trouble is the Allo Boss dac hat is sold out everywhere can anyone help with Rasperry pi 3 B+ or 4 4gb Audiophonics ES9038Q2M hat using Ropieee have checked Ropieee website but don’t know how often its updated i know the ES9028 is supported has anyone had luck with the setup i propose any help would be much appreciated

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I’m using a pi 3 plus, Audiophonics ES9038Q2M and RopieeXL as a second Roon endpoint for headphone listening in the conservatory over WiFi.
No problem whatsoever.
I use HQPlayer4 and upsample/convert PCM to 128 DSD with ASDM7EC+poly-sinc-etc2-lp as I prefer this to roonbridge (already built-in to Ropiee).
The above endpoint is connected to a SMSL200 amp and I’m using Audeze Lcd-xc headphones.

Hi thank you for your reply i see you are using RoPieee XL is that without a 7” screen or doesn’t that matter

No Screen, just a web browser. Very easy to configure RopieeXL.

When I’ve finished listening I shutdown via the Ropiee web interface (advanced tab)

and unplug the battery power bank that I use to power the Pi and Audiophonics ES9038Q2M.

Thank you for going to the trouble of posting the web pages i kept trying to see how you would close it down i run Roon on a nuc and control it the same way now it all makes sense i was originally just going to install RoPieee nit the XL version because i thought you needed the screen etc
I have just made a mistake and ordered the i-Sabre ES9038Q2M kali edition dont know quiet what i am going to do about that i have tried to alter cancel it but it doesn’t look promising thhank you again for your help stay safe