Roon Endpoint Transport only (no DAC) with 2.5K DAC


Is there an easy place to see all the Roon endpoints network bridges (Transport only)?

I need a Roon endpoint (Transport only) to pair with a 2.2K DAC (that preferably can also do Spotify). Any advice please?

It need not have a DAC or internal storage.

It’s very difficult to open partners one by one and click on every single bridge (can you make it easier Roon?)


Hi Khaled, welcome on the Roon forum!

Only recently this has been discussed on another thread; if you haven’t already done so, you might read through this thread and gather whatever you find useful:

My own take on this is that in the Roon ecosystem you don’t really need anything else as transport than a Raspberry 4 with RoPieeeXL (which includes Librespot, a SpotifyConnect clone). If you wish to connect your DAC by anything different than USB, you’d choose a HAT for the Pi with S/PDIF outputs, or something like Pi2AES which offers in addition to well-implemented S/PDIF outputs AES and I2S.

Especially the Pi2AES is very well-implemented, very well reviewed and may just be all that you’ll ever need. I connect my DAC via USB to a plain Pi4 running RoPieee in a nice little Flirc case and the performance is just fine.


I’ve gone the same route, and an very happy with the result with my RME and Musical Fidelity DACs.

I also use a Pi2Design AES for my most critical zone, but I also use HATs from Allo and Hi Fi Berry.

Ropieee is very well supported, and the core audio software is Roon anyway.

So if you’re up for a little DIY it’s a great option.

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Thank you all.
I also discovered I would value a nice software interface for that end point in case my wife and kids want to switch between Roon and Spotify.

I went for an eBay sale of auralic Airies femto. Yes you pay extra costs ~800€ but they have a nice app on ios.

Turns out the auralic is defective.
So now I plan on getting Stack Audio Link II.